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Comprehensive phase diagram of two-dimensional space charge doped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x

Edoardo Sterpetti

salle 208a aile sud, LPS

The phase diagram of hole-doped high critical temperature superconductors as a function of doping and temperature has been intensively studied with chemical variation of doping. Chemical doping can provoke structural changes and disorder, masking intrinsic effects. Alternatively a field-effect transistor geometry with an electrostatically doped, ultra-thin sample can be used. However to probe the phase diagram, carrier density modulation beyond 1014cm-2 and transport measurements performed over a large temperature range are needed. Here we use the space charge doping method[1,2] to measure transport characteristics from 330 K to low temperature. We extract parameters and characteristic temperatures over a large doping range and establish a comprehensive phase diagram for one unit cell thick Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x as a function of doping, temperature and disorder[3].

1. Johan Biscaras et al., Nature Comm. 6, 8826 (2015)
2. A. Paradisi et al., Applied Physics Letters 107, 143103 (2015).
3. E.Sterpetti et al., Nature Comm. 8, 2060 (2017)


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