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Modern applications of glass-coated magnetic microwires.

20/09/2018, Salle S208, 14h

Rastislav Varga

Institute of Physics, Depatment of Condensed Matter Physics
P.J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovaquie

Modern technical solutions require novel SMART materials that exhibit multifunctional properties being together actuators and sensors. Such novel materials sometimes do not exist or their application is expensive or technically very difficult. In that case, wide range of small sensors that are possible to introduce into various materials without changing their mechanical or other functional properties are welcome.

Glass-coated magnetic microwires are such type of materials that can serves for production of miniaturized contactless sensor or actuator of various parameters like temperature, magnetic field, mechanical stress or any other property that can be transformed into them.

In the given contribution, we show the main features (magnetic bistability, induced anisotropy, fast domain wall propagation, temperature and stress dependence of the switching field) that allows to employ the unique magnetic properties of glass-coated amorphous microwires for sensing various parameters in biomedicine (for contactless sensing the temperature), engineering (for sensing the stress distribution), automotive industry, IoT etc. or for construction of SMART miniaturized actuators.