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Tunable symmetries and Berry’s phase in few layer graphene - Mandar M. Deshmukh

Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science, TIFR, Mumbai

(LPS – S208a)

There have been extensive studies on monolayer graphene where unique properties result from the symmetry of the honeycomb lattice. Few layer graphene systems are of interest as they offer interesting opportunities to study effect of electronic interactions [1] due to flatter bands while monolayer graphene was largely understood in terms of independent electron picture. In addition, few layer graphene offer an opportunity to break simple symmetries and study their consequence [2].

Berry’s phase can be probed using magneto-transport measurements. These measurements can throw up interesting questions in multiband system of few layer graphene. I will briefly discuss our efforts to measure and understand Berry’s phase in a complex multiband system.

1. Biswajit Datta, et al. Nature Communications 8, 14518 (2017).

2. Biswajit Datta, et al. Physical Review Letters 121, 056801 (2018).


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