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Physique Mésoscopique des électrons et des photons

This book, written by Éric Akkermans and Gilles Montambaux, covers the field of quantum interference phenomena in mesoscopic systems.

This book proposes a general presentation of the problem of wave propagation in random media, and considers physical phenomena for which quantum interference effects play an essential role. These effects of phase coherence define the field commonly called "mesoscopic quantum physics", which describes the intermediate scales between atomic physics and the macroscopic world. By extension, this denomination covers also the interference effects related to the propagation of waves of any nature (the light in particular) in complex environments. One considers more specifically electrons in metals and semiconductors, electromagnetic waves in suspensions of scatterers as colloids, light propagation in cold atomic gases. The common aspects between optical and electronic phenomena are highlighted.

The theoretical tools are developed in details and are illustrated by the most important experiments in the field : weak localization of electrons, coherent backscattering of light, universal conductance or speckle fluctuations, thermodynamic anomalies, persistent currents... This ensemble represents a solid introduction to mesoscopic physics, to help the reader to approach more specialized and most recent works. The progression is facilitated by many complements and a hundred exercises which permit multiple levels of reading. The work is addressed primarily to the researchers or to the students of the level of a master or a thesis.

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