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A unified framework for time-dependent transport - Inès Safi

Laboratoire de Physique des Solides - Orsay

LPS – salle S208a

We present some perturbative relations between average current and noise obtained in a general quantum system subject to periodic or non-periodic time-dependent drives [1]. The system can include a strongly correlated conductor or a Josephson junction coupled to an electromagnetic environment. Fully extending the Tien-Gordon theory for photo-assisted tunneling, those relations don’t require initial thermalization nor inversion symmetry, and have been experimentally tested in quantum circuits [2,3]. Beyond a charge current, they apply to a spin current or a voltage drop across a phase-slip Josephson junction, as confirmed by an independent theoretical work [4].

A direct application of our approach is the determination of the carrier charge in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, as recently implemented by C. Glattli’s group [5]. We also revisit the generation of minimal excitations in non-linear conductors.

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