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Unconventional superconductivity in iron-based superconductors

Andrzej Ptok

Iron-based superconductors exhibit many interesting features. One of them are discontinuous phase transition from superconducting to normal state in low temperature, characteristic of the materials in which we can expect the existence of a Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO) phase [1]. In this seminar we discuss possibility of the realization of this exotic phase in multi-bands iron-based superconductors [2]. Moreover, it will be demonstrated that such FFLO instability may be explored through the static Cooper pair susceptibility renormalized by pairing interaction. We will present an efficient method of its evaluation using Wannier orbitals derived from ab initio (DFT) calculation. We will discuss applications of these techniques to the heavy fermion compound CeCoIn5 and to iron based superconductors FeSe [3]. We also discuss consequences concerning the existence of a FFLO phase in multi-band iron based superconductors [4].

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