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Splitting the hinge modes of higher-order topological insulators - Raquel Queiroz

Weizman institute Rehovot Israel

LPS – amphi moyen

Higher-order topological insulators (HOTIs) are three dimensional materials that host topologically protected helical modes in their one-dimensional hinges. These states resemble the edges modes of a two-dimensional topological insulator. However, coupling the surface of a HOTI to a proximate ferromagnet and to a proximate s-wave superconductor leads to very different phenomenology. The edge modes of an inversion symmetric two dimensional topological insulator are gapped by such couplings. In contrast, the helical one-dimensional hinge modes generically remain gapless, possibly splitting in real space into chiral or helical Majorana modes.

In this talk I will show how the surface of a HOTI is closely related to two uncoupled surfaces of a topological insulator gapped by opposite magnetic fields. I will show that previous proposals to measure exotic transport signatures on the surface of topological insulators find a new light in these materials.


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