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An illustrated guide to the stars and the most astonishing phenomena of the sky

Emmanuel Beaudoin, associate professor in the LPS, has published a book that unveils astronomy in a visual and unusual way.

Innovative educational illustrations explain the stars and celestial phenomena, while the text focuses on the most amazing aspects of the Universe. For example, we see how brine runs down the slopes of canyons on Mars, or how a satellite of Jupiter lights up northern lights in the atmosphere of Jupiter, thanks to its volcanoes breath. We discover what our Galaxy looked like when it was much younger and how it will end up being hit by a bigger one. This visual guide also highly encourages looking directly at the sky. With the naked eye, with binoculars or with a small telescope, alone or in family, all the advice is given to make the first observations successful and even go further. Emmanuel Delort made the rich infographics of this book.


E. Beaudoin & E. Delort. "L’Astronomie comme vous ne l’avez jamais vue", Dunot, 2018.


Emmanuel Beaudoin