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Spin pumping as a generic probe for linear spin fluctuations

28/11/2018, Salle S315, 14h


Spintec, CNRS – CEA, Grenoble

As it is known, the precessing magnetic moment can generate a spin current which is ejected from the magnetic material called spin-injector and it is absorbed by magnetic or non-magnetic spin sink ; the effect called spin pumping. The absorption of generated spin current strongly depends on the spin transport properties of spin sink, and in particular on the spin fluctuations near a phase transition in a spin sink. The latter leads to the enhancement of spin pumping, which is monitored via the enhancement of magnetic damping in spin-injector. By scanning the ordering temperature of several magnetic transitions, we demonstrate that enhanced spin pumping due to spin fluctuations applies with several ordering states : ferromagnetic (Tb) and antiferromagnetic(NiO, NiFeOx, BiFeO3, exchange-biased and unbiased IrMn). Results also represent systematic experimental investigation supporting that the effect is independent of the metallic and insulating nature of the spin-sink, and is observed whether the spin current probe involves electronic or magnonic transport, facilitating advances in material characterization and engineering for spintronic applications."