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Skyrmions and Hopfions - Paul Sutcliffe

Durham University, United Kingdom

LPS Bât 510 - Grand amphi

Magnetic Skyrmions are two-dimensional topological solitons that are
analogous to the three-dimensional Skyrmions introduced by Skyrme in the
context of high energy particle physics. The similarities and
differences between these two kinds of Skyrmions will be discussed,
together with recent progress on using three-dimensional Skyrmions to
describe nuclei. Hopfions are three-dimensional topological solitons
with connections to both types of Skyrmion. Some possibilities for
magnetic systems that may host Hopfions will be described.

Biography :
Paul Sutcliffe obtained a degree in mathematics and a PhD, both from
Durham University. After postdoctoral positions in Edinburgh, Orsay and
Cambridge, he was a professor at the University of Kent before moving
back to the mathematics department in Durham as a professor in 2006. He
is a recipient of the London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize, for
his work on topological solitons.



  • Mardi 19 février 2019 13:30-15:00 -

    Skyrmions and Hopfions - Paul Sutcliffe

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