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Spectral properties of Sr2IrO4 — the theoretical status quo - Silke Biermann

Centre de Physique Théorique, Ecole Polytechnique

LPS – amphi Moyen

The spin-orbit compound Sr2IrO4 has kept intriguing condensed matter scientists due to its apparent similarity to copper oxides : it is isostructural to La2CuO4, with a single hole in an otherwise filled t2g shell on the Ir site, and the low-energy spectrum seems well described by a single orbital degree of freedom. The pure compound is insulating at all temperatures, with antiferromagnetism setting in below 240 K. All these elements have contributed to making the compound an ideal playground material for understanding the exotic physics of layered single-orbital systems.

I will review recent advances in our theoretical modelling [1,2], based on a novel cluster extension of dynamical mean field theory [3,4], for pure and electron-doped Sr2IrO4 and related compounds.

[1] Cyril Martins, Markus Aichhorn, Loïg Vaugier, and Silke Biermann
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[4] B. Lenz, C. Martins, and S. Biermann.
Submitted to J. Phys. Cond. Mat (December 2018)


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