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Revealing the dynamics of nanomaterials in their formation and application media with liquid-cell TEM - Damien Alloyeau

MPQ - Paris Diderot

LPS - Moyen Amphi

The development of efficient nanotechnologies requires fabricating nanomaterials with controlled size, shape, composition and atomic structure, and determining if and how these structural parameters change over time. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of nanostructures in their formation and application media is a crucial challenge in nanosciences. In that regards, we will show that liquid-cell transmission electron microscopy is a major breakthrough to study the formation processes of nanomaterials in wet-chemical synthesis [1, 2] and their life-cycle in biological environment [3, 4]. In a general manner, the complex physico-chemical interactions of nano-objects with their surrounding medium makes such in situ investigations indispensable to reveal their growth, transformation or degradation mechanisms which are crucial for designing more efficient and safer nanomaterials.

[1] Alloyeau et al. Nano Lett. 15, 2574 (2015)

[2] Ahmad et al. Nano Lett. 17 (7), 4194 (2017)

[3] Elgrabli et al. ACS Nano 9, 10113 (2015)

[4] Piffoux et al. Nanoscale 10, 1234 (2018)

Damien Alloyeau : Chercheur CNRS au Laboratoire Matériaux et phénomènes Quantiques (UMR Université Paris –Diderot / CNRS)


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