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Lamb shift engineering in a high impedance microwave resonator coupled to a tunnel junction - Jérôme Esteve

Laboratoire de Physique des Solides - Orsay

LPS – salle S208a

The coupling to a bath of a quantum system, such as an atom or a resonator, can be modeled under certain hypotheses by a quantum master equation in the Lindblad form. In this description, two effects arise from the coupling to the bath : the first is a shift of the energy levels, called Lamb shift, and the second is an irreversible energy exchange with the bath in the form of quantum jumps.
A tunnel junction galvanically coupled to a high quality factor microwave resonator can be seen as a bath for the resonator mode. If the characteristic impedance Zc of the resonator is on the order of the quantum of resistance h/e2, we will show that the resulting Lamb shift and jump operators strongly depend on the resonator state. This gives rise to a master equation that is highly non-linear and that has no counterpart in traditional quantum optics.
We will discuss the dynamics of the resonator mode resulting from this engineered bath and consider possible applications including quantum Zeno dynamics and the realization of a qubit that does not rely on the Josephson effect. We will also discuss a possible experimental realization using a high kinetic inductance superconductor to build the high impedance resonator.


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