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Out-of-equilibrium Kondo transport - Edouard Boulat

Université Paris Diderot

LPS – Salle 208 Aile Sud 2ème étage

Since its introduction by Jun Kondo in 1964, to explain the low-temperature resistivity of metals with magnetic impurities, the Kondo model has been an archetypical system
at the center of the developments of original ideas in theoretical physics : one can cite renormalisation group, strong coupling and non-perturbative physics, Bethe Ansatz. With the experimental ability to design nano-devices allowing to manipulate electrons one by one, it was reborn in the 90’s in the context of mesoscopic physics. This second life is still under development. After a brief review of the Kondo phenomenology at equilibrium, this talk will discuss the Kondo physics out-of-equilibrium with an emphasise on the strong coupling regime developing at low energy. In this regime we will present exact analytical results for the Kondo effect signature in the I-V characteristics, as well as in the (ac/dc) noise.


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