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Microfluidic-assisted constrained-spheroid cell culture - Ciprian ILIESCU

National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology, Bucharest (Romania)

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Numerous microfluidic cell culture platforms have been developed with a monolayer of cells growing on 2D substrates. The main drawback for 2D culture system is that it lacks the cell-cell interaction as presented in vivo. In vivo, cells are present in many layers where they interact with each other by providing biological, chemical and mechanical cues. Therefore, 3D cell cultures system where multiple layers of cells are interacting with each other are able to recapture in vivo cell morphology, gene expression profile and biological activities better than cells cultured in 2D system. The presentation underlines the main achievements of our team in the field : a microfluidic-assisted 3D culture model named Constrain Spheroids (CS) that can. In this model the cells aggregate in spheroids which are stabilized in a sandwich configuration between surface modified glass slide and a microfabricated ultra-thin Parylene C membrane. This allows us to maximize mass transfer, and overcome uneven cell count and spheroids size issues. The glass substrate was modified for more uniform and rapid hepatocytes spheroids formation within 1 day, allowing for earlier drug testing and perfusion culture initiation. The top substrate is an ultra-thin, inert and flexible Parylene C membrane fabricated using MEMS technologies, special design to immobilize the spheroids, avoiding the detachment of the spheroids due to the moment generated by the Stoke force and to limit the share stress effect. We found that the perfusion constrain-spheroids culture maintains a better polarity.



  • Vendredi 19 juillet 11:00-12:00 - Ciprian ILIESCU - National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnology, Bucharest (Romania)

    Microfluidic-Assisted Constrained-Spheroid Cell Culture - Ciprian ILIESCU

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