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Réseaux moléculaires auto-assemblés sur Si(111) très dopé en bore - Frank Palmino

Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté

LPS – salle S208a

Nowadays more than 90% of published results show molecules adsorbed onto metallic or HOPG surfaces. This is explained by the low reactivity between molecules and these surfaces which induce a molecular diffusion and the possibility to observe large and perfect self-assemblies. Nevertheless, there are probably a real economic and technological interests to develop molecular self-assembled layers onto semiconductors and in particular onto silicon surfaces. Actually, due to the existence of Si dangling bonds which induce a strong interaction between molecules and substrates, the formation of such molecular layers is still a real challenge. To circumvent this problem, we need atomically passivated Si surface. Here, an original unreactive silicon surface is presented : the high boron doped silicon √3x√3-SiB (111) reconstruction. Since 10 years, very amazing results have been obtained showing large and perfect molecular self-assemblies by deposition of home-made and specifically designed aromatic molecules on this silicon surface [Ref. 1]. The morphology of each supramolecular network is explained by the competition between molecule-molecule and molecule-surface interactions.

[1] Y. Makoudi, J. Jeannoutot, F. Palmino, F. Chérioux, G. Copie, C. Krzeminski, F. Cleri, B. Grandidier, Surface Science Reports 72 (2017) 316–349.


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