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Templated Synthesis and Self-assembly of Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Biosensing - Eric Hill

Institute of Advanced Ceramics, Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, Germany

LPS - Moyen Amphi

Two studies relevant to plasmonic detection of bacterial quorum sensing are presented. First, the templated growth of noble metals on layered silicate clay is used to achieve hybrid metal-clay particles with various forms via a seedless growth process. Taking inspiration from nature, the in situ growth of metal nanoparticles in clay-containing nacre-like layered films was carried out, leading to films with robust mechanical properties and tunable plasmonic properties. Finally, the hierarchical self-assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles over large areas (cm2) is presented, with the mechanism of improved large-scale assembly supported by molecular simulations. The plasmonic enhancement of quorum sensing molecules presents a viable means for studies of the role of surface topography and chemistry in bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation.


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