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Electronic properties and electronic dynamics in topological semimetals

Alberto Crepaldi

Since the discovery of topological insulators, the field of topological materials has attracted increasing attention in the condensed matter community [1]. On the one hand, the high mobility and the spin polarization of the states at the Fermi level make those compounds promising for applications. On the other hand, the low-energy electronic properties of those materials realize exotic quasiparticles, which were only postulated in high-energy physics (Dirac and Weyl Fermions) [2, 3]. Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) has proven to be a powerful tool to directly resolve the signature of these different topological phases. In this talk I will provide a summary of my research activity of the last years. I will introduce the concept of topological semimetals, focusing on the protection and stability of the 3D Dirac semimetal phase [4-6]. By exploiting the capability of time-resolved ARPES to study the band structure upon excitation of electrons in the unoccupied conduction band, I will show you that the electron dynamics is sensitive to the formation of Weyl points [7], and that the material band dispersion can be modified by varying the electronic screening [8].

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