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Detecting Anomalous Dimensions in the Strange Metal Phase of the Cuprates

Philip Phillips

We all learned that conserved quantities such as the current in a metal cannot acquire an anomalous dimension in any theory that respects charge conservation.
A recent theory of the strange metal of the cuprates has reached the conclusion that all of the properties of this phase can be understood if the current does in fact acquire an anomalous dimension. I will show how this seemingly contradictory prediction can be understood and also show that a finger print of such an anomaly is the Aharanov-Bohm flux through a strange metal ring. In the presence of an anomalous dimension, the AB phase deviates strikingly from the standard result and offers a precise diagnostic as to what is strange about the strange metal. I will also construct a Virasoro algebra for such anomalous currents and show that they correspond to a new class of non-local yet conformal theories.


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