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Coextruded multilayer Polymer films : principle, structure-properties relationships, limitations - Guillaume Miquelard

Laboratoire PIMM, Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology, CNRS, CNAM, Hesam University, Paris

In this talk, we will focus on an innovative polymer processing technique, multilayer coextrusion, derived from a well-known industrial process (coextrusion). This technique allows the fabrication of films in which thousands of alternating layers of two (or more) polymers are stacked atop one another. It is then possible to achieve films where each layers have a nanometric thickness.

First we will describe briefly how the process works.
In a second part we will illustrate the potential of this technology by showing several applications of such films, and in particular we will try to explain them in terms of nanostructure-properties relationships, taking advantage of the new properties that can arise in polymers when they are confined at dimensions approaching the size of the macromolecules. [1], [2]
Third, we will discuss limitations of multilayer coextrusion : when pushed to the nanoscale limit, it has been observed the individual layers are found to break up whatever the processing conditions. Simple physical models about the nature of these instabilities will be presented. [3-5]

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  • Vendredi 14 février 11:00-12:00 -

    Guillaume Miquelard

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