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Temperature-driven crossovers and transitions in a coupled boson-fermion system

Maciej Maśka

LPS, bât 510, salle 208a

Motivated by strongly correlated and frustrated systems, we propose a coupled bose-fermi model in two dimensions that describes the dynamics of pairs of opposite spin fermions scattering from localized bosons. Tracing out one of the degrees of freedom, either the bosons or fermions, generates temperature-dependent long range effective interactions between the entities that we investigate using Monte Carlo techniques. The behavior of bosons is dominated by vortex-antivortex unbinding, with effective inter-boson interactions beyond the nearest neighbor Josephson coupling of phases. Remarkably in the fermion sector we observe a temperature-induced BCS-BEC crossover followed by phase transitions to Anderson and Bose insulator phases, even without quenched disorder.
Tunneling and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy on bose-fermi mixtures in cold atomic systems and superconducting islands on graphene are some of the promising experimental platforms to test our predictions.


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