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Unbinding slave spins in the Anderson impurity model

Daniele Guerci, Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques (MPQ), Université Paris Diderot

We show that a generic single-orbital Anderson impurity model, lacking, for instance, any kind of particle-hole symmetry, can be exactly mapped without any constraint onto a resonant level model coupled to two Ising variables, which reduce to one if the hybridization is particle-hole symmetric. The mapping can be straightforwardly extended to a multiorbital impurity model where the isolated impurity Hamiltonian does not include Coulomb exchange terms.
We also demonstrate how single-particle Green’s functions of the physical fermions can be calculated without constraints, which would, for instance, allow exploiting DMFT to study in the slave-spin representation Hubbard-like models in lattices with infinite coordination. The generality of the mapping allows one to study a wide range of problems varying from the Mott-transition in infinite dimensions to transport in quantum dots.


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