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(Online via ZOOM) Electrical detection of non-Abelian statistics in topological superconductors

Aurélien Grabsch, Lorentz Institute, Leiden University

Topological superconductors can support quasiparticle excitations which posses unusual exchange statistics, called non-Abelian anyons. They correspond to midgap states localized in the core of a vortex or bound to the end of a nanowire. However, their unusual statistics cannot be easily demonstrated as they are immobile, and one should rely on indirect methods. Here, we propose a real-space alternative that relies on the chiral motion along the edges of a topological superconductor [1]. We present an approach that allows to inject on demand so-called edge vortices, which are pi-phase domain walls which propagate along the chiral edge channels, and possess non-Abelian statistics. We show that the signatures of this unusual exchange statistics can be detected in an electrical measurement [2].

[1] Electrical detection of the Majorana fusion rule for chiral edge vortices in a topological superconductor,
C.W.J Beenakker, A. Grabsch, Y. Herasymenko SciPost Phys. 6, 022 (2019)

[2] Time-resolved electrical detection of chiral edge vortex braiding,
I. Adagideli, F. Hassler, A. Grabsch, M. Pacholski, C.W.J. Beenakker SciPost Phys. 8, 013 (2020)


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