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A book on the basics of thermodynamics in color and richly illustrated

Catherine Even, associate professor at LPS, has just published a book with Nicolas Vernier that presents thermodynamics visually and applied to everyday life.

In color and very illustrated, this book allows students to acquire fundamental knowledge in thermodynamics but also the scientific approach and rigor essential for higher studies.
Multiple sections guarantee progressive and complete learning :
- a visual course with many concrete examples to introduce and illustrate key notions and concepts ;
- methodological frameworks to develop good practices ;
- focus on applications, research subjects or current themes ;
- historical landmarks ;
- many multiple choice questions and exercises (all corrected) to test your skills and train.

Outline of the book :
Pressure and temperature. The first principle : conservation of energy. The second principle, thermodynamic coefficients. The properties of the pure body. Chemical potential and mixtures. Thermal engines. Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump. Earth’s climate.

Reference :
N. Vernier, C. Even-Beaudoin, Thermodynamique, Dunod (2020)