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Magnetic incommensurabilities induced under a magnetic field - Virginie Simonet

Institut Néel, Grenoble

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ID de réunion : 885 2283 6405
Code secret : 071112

In a conventional collinear antiferromagneticwith moderate anisotropy, the application of a magnetic field in the direction of the magnetic moments produces a spin-flop transition in which the antiferromagnetic component of the moments orients perpendicular to the field. Additional ingredients in the Hamiltonian of the system (quantum fluctuations, absence of an inversion centre, frustration, etc.) can enrich this behaviour by producing intermediate incommensurate phases with exotic properties. I will present two examples of such behaviours, in a multiferroic chiral spin texture and in an anisotropic quantum spin chain.



  • Lundi 2 novembre 14:00-15:30 -

    Magnetic incommensurabilities induced under a magnetic field

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