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Transport in diffusive open quantum systems : case study of the dephasing model

Tony Jin, Department of Quantum Matter Physics, University of Geneva

Although diffusion is an ubiquitous phenomenon in nature, its microscopic origin remains to this day a notoriously hard and fundamental problem. In the quantum context, this question becomes even more challenging as the role of quantum coherence enters the game as well. In order to make progress, it is often extremely useful to have simple models which capture the key features of the phenomenology at stake and that are exactly solvable.
I will introduce such a system, called the dephasing model which represents a free fermionic system in contact with a noisy external environment, which induces decoherence. Using diagrammatic Keldysh field theory techniques, I will show how it turns out to be exactly solvable and what it can teach us concerning the interplay of decoherence and diffusion in quantum systems.


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