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The International Workshop on Electronic Crystals will be held again !

Continuing the chain of the earlier meetings ECRYS 1993-2005, we shall organize the next one ECRYS-2008 in August 2008 (24/08 - 30/08).
It will take place in Corsica, France, at the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, a similar arrangement as for ECRYS-2005.

The series of workshops ECRYS pursue several goals :

  • To gather various communities engaged in studies of static and dynamic properties of spontaneous superstructures.
  • To present comprehensively the current activity in all types of Electronic Crystals : Charge Density Waves, Spin Density Waves including the Field Induced ones, Wigner Crystals (in semiconductors, at the He surface, in high magnetic field, of colloids) ; Charge Ordering and Ferroelectricity in organic conductors ; Superstructures due to magnetic breakdown of singlet states (FFLO and CDWs) ; Stripes, Disproportionation, and local effects in doped oxides ; Electron Ordering at charged biomolecules and membranes ; Junction effects.
  • To emphasize the common phenomenology of Electronic Crystals, Vortex Lattices, Domain Walls, friction, etc : sliding versus pinning and glassy behaviour ; plasticity and all related nonlinear, nonstationary and inhomogeneous effects ; related physics of topological defects : solitons, dislocations, instantons, phase slips, current conversion.
  • To review advanced experimental approaches : synchrotron radiation - space resolved and micro diffraction ; nanoscale designs by focused ion beams ; quantum mesoscopics of the sliding state ; tunnelling, optical and ARPES accesses to pseudo- and intra- gap effects and to electronic interactions.

Visit the web site of the previous
to appreciate the principles, the expected program layout and the list of first awaited participants of the ECRYS-2008.