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Dynamics in soft condensed matter is the subject of a large number of investigations all around the world, both from a fundamental point of view and from a more applied side, due to the large number of practical questions relying on the aptitude of soft matter to provide large responses to small solicitations.


The aim of the workshop will be to present the state of the art on a number of fast evolving questions and to promote discussions and interactions between researchers involved in different fields of soft matter, with a special attention paid on interfacial phenomena.


The workshop is sponsored by ICAM, the Institute for Complex Adaptative Matter (


Please contact for any organizational question you may need.



Organizing committee :


P. Chaikin Princeton USA
P. Guenoun CEA, Saclay France
D. Langevin (Chair) LPS, UPS11,Orsay France
L. Léger (co-Chair) LPS, UPS11,Orsay France


Scientific committee :


K. Dawson Dublin Ireland
S. Granick Urbana, IL USA
C. Knobler Los Angeles, CA USA
H. Moehwald Potsdam-Golm Germany
P. Pincus Santa Barbara, CA USA
J. Prost Paris France
M. Stamm Dresden Germany
T. Witten Chicago IL, USA USA