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This dilution fridge, T > 40 mK and 1 muW at 50 mK, realized by Marc Nardonne and Patrick Pari, is equiped with a plastic mixing chamber and may be fitted in a 7 Tesla magnet.


The cryostat may be positioned within this field with an accuracy of 1/100 °.


It is wired for both capacitance measurements and transport ones.


A realization of the mechanics workshop (D. Breus) : a cryogenic insert for a rotating 4 Tesla field.


Two cryostats equiped with two and three rotation axis superconducting magnets are available in the lab.


One was designed by Oxford Instruments and allows the rotation of a 7 Tesla magnetic field, with mdeg. accuracy, using auxilliary splitted pairs. A probe for transport measurements can be fitted in this cryostat.
The second one is a home made cryostat, equiped with a 4 Tesla rotating magnet and a superconducting inserts for additional rotations of the field. Several torque probes may be fitted in this cryostat : torsion pendulum, micro-torque and metallic torque capacitance setup.