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Light experimental setups

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Hall probe array


60 muM Hall probe array, manufactured by V. Mosser (Schlumberger), designed in collaboration with M. Konczykowski in Ecole Polytechnique.


Thermoelectric setup


This home made thermoelectric setup allows for measurements of thin films, from ambient down to 3 K.


Superfluid density measurement


We are currently building an AC susceptometer for the measurement of the superfluid density in thin films, using Lamura’s (surface inductance) and Fiory’s (transmission) techniques.



This home made microtorquemeter is built from a commercial silicon piezo-resistive tip, originally designed for atomic force microscopy. It allows for the measurement of torque on very small samples, such as single crystals, typically a few dizains of micrometers. The setup can be inserted in a 7 T horizontal magnet. As an example is shown the first measurement of the equilibrium torque exerted on a YBaCuO single crystal, arising from heavy ions irradiation tracks.




Microoven for film treatment and measurement. This oven allows for vacum or gas treatment and fast temperature change




A photolithographically patterned thin film, with a Hall effect and a resistivity measurement design


A mechanically patterned thin film for resistive measurements. Central bar is about 80 muM large. (F. Bouquet, V. Klein, P. Aymard)


Sample preparation for electron beam lithography