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Mesoscopic physics


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Welcome on the web site of the Mesoscopic Physics group of the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides at Paris-Sud University, Orsay, France.

We are interested in electronic properties at length scale between the atom and the macroscopic world. The systems under study are sufficiently small for being coherent, i.e. their size is smaller than length over which the phase coherence is well defined. Consequently their properties are modified by quantum electronic interferences. They can be reveal by the influence of a magnetic flux. Another part of our activity is related to electronic transport through molecular systems (carbon nanotube, graphen, fulleren). In those systems, confinement of electrons increases the influence of electronic interaction and disorder. This raises fundamental issues on the nature of electronic excitations, leading to surprising transport properties.


Experimentally our activity spans from the sample fabrication to measurement at very low temperature.


Différents échantillons étudiés dans notre groupe


Recent publications:


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  • Chepelianskii AD, Watanabe M, Kono K. Can Warmer than Room Temperature Electrons Levitate Above a Liquid Helium Surface? Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 2019;195(3-4):307-318.

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  • Yunusova K M, Konstantinov D, Bouchiat H, Chepelianskii AD. Coupling between Rydberg States and Landau Levels of Electrons Trapped on Liquid Helium. Physical Review Letters. 2019;122(17):176802.