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Electronic Correlations and High Pressures


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Strongly correlated electron systems present a large number of electronic phase transitions in intermediate mixed valence oxides, spin ladders or molecular conductors. Despite slight differences in crystalline structures, common features are observed that is Mott insulator-metal transition or the competition of superconductivity with other ground states.

The activity of the group is devoted to the study of the various instabilities in these compounds as a function of the applied hydrostatic pressure using various experimental facilities.

Research domains

- Strongly correlated electron systems
- Mott insulator-metal transition
- Unconventional superconductivity
- Phase coexistence
- Quantized Hall effect


- Molecular conductors
- Mixed valence oxides
- Spin ladder compounds

Experimental techniques

- Nuclear magnetic resonance
- Electronic transport
- Helium gas hydrostatic pressure
- Clamp cell hydrostatic pressure
- Cryogeny (dilution and 3He refrigerators)
- Ultrasonic measurements


Recent publications:


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