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Self-assembled Biological Objects



Du H, de Oliveira FA, Albuquerque LJC, et al. Polyglycidol-Stabilized Nanoparticles as a Promising Alternative to Nanoparticle PEGylation: Polymer Synthesis and Protein Fouling Considerations. Langmuir. 2020;36(5):1266-1278. 2019
Chevreuil M, Fieulaine S, Poncet L, et al. Characterization of the Assembly and Disassembly of Capsid Proteins Derived from Hepatitis B Virus. Biophysical Journal. (...)

Research activities

Our group is interested in self-assembling properties of biological macromolecules and living cells.

Team members

Amélie LEFORESTIER Grd Fl. - E. Wing - Room 006 CRCN CNRS 01 69 15 60 87 Interests: Dense phases of DNA and nucleosomes, Liquid crystals, Bacteriophage DNA organisation/ejection, Cryo-Electron Microscopy, Imaging the cell at high resolution (CEMOVIS)
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Virginie BAILLEUX Grd Fl. - W. Wing - Room 082 AI CNRS 01 69 15 59 63 Interests : Cell culture, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Fluorescence Microscopy (...)