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Experimental facilities


R.F. Sputtering

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R.F. sputtering equipment

Point contact spectroscopy

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Point contact and tunneling junction setup is presently developped. The mechanical part is inspired by O. Fisher’s group STM. The set up should have the ability to regulate the tip position, as for an STM, which should allow for temperature studies of a single junction.
A brief presentation of point contact spectroscopy


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This dilution fridge, T > 40 mK and 1 muW at 50 mK, realized by Marc Nardonne and Patrick Pari, is equiped with a plastic mixing chamber and may be fitted in a 7 Tesla magnet.

The cryostat may be positioned within this field with an accuracy of 1/100 °.

It is wired for both capacitance measurements and transport ones.
A realization of the mechanics workshop (D. Breus) : a cryogenic insert for a rotating 4 Tesla field.
Two (...)

Light experimental setups

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Hall probe array
60 muM Hall probe array, manufactured by V. Mosser (Schlumberger), designed in collaboration with M. Konczykowski in Ecole Polytechnique.
Thermoelectric setup
This home made thermoelectric setup allows for measurements of thin films, from ambient down to 3 K.
Superfluid density measurement
We are currently building an AC susceptometer for the measurement of the superfluid density in thin films, using (...)