Moyen amphi (LPS) + ONLINE (Zoom)
Moyen amphi (LPS) + ONLINE (Zoom)


20 Avr 2023


11h00 - 12h00

G.HAACK: Quantum dynamics of small quantum thermal machines

	Minimal models for quantum thermal machines are central to understanding energy exchanges at the quantum scale and the intimate connection between quantum thermodynamics and quantum information theory. In particular, one would like to determine whether quantum features, like entanglement, interactions and quantum statistics, can be beneficial to the efficiency of a thermal machine made of few quantum constituents. This research direction becomes even more fascinating in view of recent experimental progresses towards manipulating out-of-equilibrium multi-partite quantum systems, allowing for new designs and investigations of quantum thermal machines.

I will present some of our latest results concerning the advantages that open quantum systems can offer towards heat management at the nanoscale, including storing energy, controlling the flow of energy and optimization of dissipative flows. 

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