Moyen amphi (LPS
Bât 510, Orsay (91)


10 Juin 2022


11h00 - 0h00

Mohend Chaouche – Rheology and hydration of cements made from ironmaking wastes

CNRS Research Director at ENS Paris-Saclay
Cement is a mineral adhesive used to bind aggregates  together to make as for example concrete. The latter is the most used man-made product in the World, and it is at the origin of more than 7%  of global CO2 emissions. A number of studies are currently undertaken towards the development of new cements with lower environmental impact. In this presentation, I will start by giving an overview of the   hardening mechanisms of a cement paste and their impact on its  rheological behavior. This will be illustrated by discussing in more  detail the case of a very low environmental impact cement made from  wastes stemming from the ironmaking process.