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21 Jan 2022


11h00 - 12h00

Wiktor Lewandowski – Liquid crystal templated, chiral films of plasmonic and luminescent nanoparticles

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland

Stimulated by recent visionary reports, much interest has been revived toward the construction of chiral nanoarchitectures showing enantiospecific interactions with optical fields. Such materials are desirable for the construction of next-generation optoelectronic devices. However, the practical challenge of preparing films exhibiting chiral plasmonic or luminescent properties lies in developing low-cost, high yield, durable nanomaterials with precisely controlled structural parameters.

To face the above mentioned challenges we recently developed a versatile, liquid crystal-based platform for the creation of helical, ordered nanomaterials that can enantiospecifically absorb and emit circularly polarized light [1]. Our approach relies on melting of a composite: an organic, liquid-crystalline template that exhibits chiral morphology with chemically compatible nanoparticles [2]. On freezing, the organic material forms helical filaments, guiding assembly of nanoparticles. Helical arrangement of nanoparticles translates to chiral optical properties of the composites [3,4].

Our research shows that combining expertise in the design and synthesis of organic materials (serving as templates or nanoparticle ligands), with expertise in nanoparticle synthesis, leads to the ability of arranging nanoparticles into desired morphologies and induci chiroptical properties of composite films.


[1] M. Bagiński, et al.  Advanced Materials 1904581, 2020.

[2] W. Lewandowski, et al. Advanced Materials 32:1905591, 2020.

[3] P. Szustakiewicz, et al. ACS Nano 14:12918–12928, 2020.

[4] D. Grzelak, et al. Advanced Functional Materials, 10.1002/adfm.202111280, 2022.

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