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New electronic states of matter

The existence of strong correlations between electrons induces novel and unexpected states in solids.

Physical phenomena with reduced dimensions

Physical properties unique to reduced dimensions and nano-objects, such as surfaces, nanostructures, molecules, atoms.

Soft matter and physics-biology interface

Polymers, composite polymers, complex fluides, biologic fibers, DNA and chromatin properties


Traces of copper around remains from Marie de Bretagne

When exceptionally preserved, hair, wools, or skin samples can have a high archaeological value. The best-preserved specimens have often (...)

Deforming glass can be easier than squeezing out water

Recent developments in microfluidics aiming for "lab-on-a-chip" devices require a better understanding of the behavior of fluids flowing in (...)

Interplay of anisotropy in shape and interactions on phase behavior and dynamics of charged (...)

Colloidal suspensions of plate-like nanoparticles such as swelling clays, disc-like mineral crystallites or exfoliated nano-sheets are ubiquitous (...)

"Physics reimagined": A new team at the LPS

In 2013, a new team emerged at LPS: "Physics Reimagined", specialized in outreach. It is composed of researchers who try to reimagine new ways of (...)

Why do some “bad metals” become “good superconductors”?

Surprisingly, the best superconductors discovered to date are often not very good metals. For physicists, a “bad metal” is a complex object that (...)



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