The STEM platform in LPS hosts two cutting-edge scanning transmission electron microscopes (STEM), USTEM200 and CHROMATEM, providing support to a wide range of research fields in materials science, condensed matter physics, bio-imaging and nano-optics. We have special expertise in studying a variety of materials, including functional oxide materials, nuclear materials, semiconductors, plasmonic materials, 2D materials, catalytic nanoparticles or bio-materials among others. The main capabilities of the platform include:

  • Direct sub-Å resolution imaging.
  • 3 main operating voltages (60keV, 100keV, and 200keV)
  • High energy resolution Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) for the atomic-resolved chemical and bonding analysis
  • Ultra-high resolution EELS for optical and vibrational analyses

Cyrill Fresillon LPS/CNRS images
  • High spatial resolution cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy for nano-optics studies.
  • Liquid nitrogen temperature sample holders for fragile/beam sensitive samples
  • Liquid nitrogen temperature sample holders coupled with MEMS for variable temperature and/or biasing in situ experiments.
  • 4D STEM for complete structural information on crystal structure/orientation, strain distribution, electric field mapping.
  • Smart scanning technologies including random scan for beam sensitive samples.

The STEM platform

contact : Xiaoyan Li