The laboratory is actively involved in the Master 2 Biological Systèmes Biologiques et Concepts Physiques (Biological and Systems and Physical Concepts) (SBCP)

The lecturers and researchers of the laboratory participate actively to this Master.

The SBCP program allows physics students to acquire training in Biology while pursuing very high level physics studies while allowing students coming from Biology to familiarize a several  conceptual and practical physical methods specific to the study of biological systems. At the end of the master, the students will  acquire theoretical and experimental skills that would allow them to continue to work, possible as PhD students, in laboratories working in different fields ranging from pure biology to soft matter physics. More specifically, this is a brief list of the skill to be acquired:

  • theoretical modeling in statistical physics, soft matter, polymers)
  • programming (numerical physics projects)
  • experimental skills (in particular in biology during the Genetics Module at the Institut Pasteur and during the experimental projects) advanced imaging techniques in biophysics
  • group work
  • analysis of articles

Prof. Giuseppe Foffi is the responsible of the M2 for the University Paris-Saclay.

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