17 Jan 2022



Mattia CATTELAN, New frontiers in ARPES for 2D materials

Mattia Cattelan, Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy

In this seminar I will present a perspective on the application of Angle-Resolved PhotoEmission Spectroscopy
(ARPES) to study two-dimensional (2D) materials and their heterostructures.
ARPES allows the direct measurement of the electronic band structure of solid-state materials generating extremely useful insights into their electronic properties. The possibility to apply it to 2D materials is of paramount importance because these ultrathin layers are considered fundamental for future electronic, photonic and spintronic devices.
In the last few years the ARPES frontiers expanded greatly. Many ARPES variants have been created hand in hand with technological advances including: time-, spatially-, spin- resolved ARPES, high-energy ARPES and orbital
Therefore now, ARPES can also produce dynamics, real- space, spin, bulk, and empty-states information. Moreover, some of these variants have been also combined together; for instance, spin-resolved ARPES can be also spatially- and time-resolved, giving an incredible amount of material information.
During this seminar, I will introduce some of the most important variants of ARPES, present practical examples of their use for 2D materials, and show the audience a potential powerful tool of investigation for solid-state materials.