Emilie Du Châtelet award presentation to Marcelo Rozenberg

On June 9, the French Physical Society awarded the 2018 Emilie Du Châtelet Prize to Marcelo Rozenberg, CNRS research director at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, in the presence of Michel Guidak, Vice President of the Univesity Paris-Saclay.

Marcelo Rozenberg is a condensed matter physicist, internationally recognized for his pioneering work in the treatment of electronic correlation effects, in particular in the Mott transition. As early as 2004, he demonstrated the importance of resistive memories, based on the changes of electrical resistance in oxides, induced by current pulses. His decisive contributions provide models that have become references in the field. Close to the experimentalists, M. Rozenberg contributed to a recent patent with the Institut des Matériaux de Nantes for the fabrication of electronic neurons based on oxides exhibiting the Mott transition, an activity he has recently set up at the LPS.

The Emilie Du Châtelet Prize is awarded every two years to a physicist or a team of researchers to reward the quality of their work. The days organized by the SFP take place after two years of pandemic that prevented to hand over the Grand Prix to the winners.

Awarding of the Emilie Du Châtelet prize to Marcelo Rozenberg (center) by Guy Wormser (left), president of the SFP and Alain Fontaine (right). Credits: @SFP