Friedel-Volterra award presentation to Marino Marsi

On September 12, the Italian and French Physical Societies awarded the 2021 Friedel-Volterra Prize to Marino Marsi, professor at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides.

Marino Marsi, professor at Paris-Saclay University, is a condensed matter physicist, internationally recognized for his activities on electronic properties and ultrafast dynamics of quantum materials, such as: topological insulators and Dirac fermions, strongly correlated electronic systems and their phase transitions, 2D materials including semiconductor surfaces/interfaces. In 2005 he joined the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides in Orsay, where he established a group devoted to the study of electronic properties of quantum materials, with special emphasis on their out-of-equilibrium dynamics on the femtosecond time scale. Among the main results he obtained, one can cite the microscopic evolution of the Mott transition in correlated oxides, the study of transient non-thermal phases in Mott-Hubbard systems, the real-time study of photoexcited Dirac fermion dynamics in topological insulators. He also coordinates the Ultrafast Dynamics activities in Paris-Saclay in the framework of an excellence center (labex PALM). Several of this research projects have been conducted at synchrotron radiation centers (SOLEIL in France and ELETTRA in Italy), and frequently in collaboration with Italian institutes like the University of Trieste, SISSA and the University of Rome – La Sapienza.

Created by the Societa’ Italiana di Fisica (SIF) and the French Physical Society (SFP), the Friedel-Volterra Prize pays tribute to the two great physicists Jacques Friedel and Vito Volterra, while strengthening the links between the two learned societies. The aim of this prize is to reward a physicist involved in a Franco-Italian collaboration and who has achieved a high quality scientific work during the last ten years.

Awarding of the Friedel-Volterra prize to Marino Marsi (center) by Guy Wormser (left), president of the SFP and Angela Bracco (right), president of the Italian Physical Society. Credits: @SFP

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